What makes great Business Cards

What makes great Business Cards? 4 crucial guides to look out for.

One of the first stationery items new businesses get after a logo is a business card. We ask, what makes a great card? What features and characteristics should you look out for when getting your cards designed? In a nutshell this is what should guide you.

  1. Legibility
  2. Originality
  3. Print Quality
  4. Size

A Business Card is meant to communicate and the most important aspect of this are your business details and contacts. This information should be read without any difficulty. They should be strategically placed in a font size not less than 7 points. Avoid black or coloured text over backgrounds. Should be kept clean and simple. Avoid having so much text and elements.
A cluttered card is unappealing and unprofessional.

If someone has over 100 cards placed on top of a table, Will yours should stand-out? It should also communicate what your business does. If you give someone your card and they still ask you what it is that you do, have it redesigned pronto! Your business products or services should somewhat be obvious just by looking at your card. This can be done using various creative ways; From the choice of font, colour, images to noting somewhere your key business. For instance a leather company having a leather textured background. You can also use various techniques such as embossing, laminating, die cuts and using different paper or other media.

Your Business card is like a marketing message it should be well planned. An important part is the back, ensure you utilize it to display your products or services, website, slogan or reinforce your logo and corporate colours.

Print Quality
Even if a card is well designed when the execution goes wrong it will look cheap and will be discarded. The print quality should be top notch, solid colours without stains or media defects.
The card can be embossed, laminated or die-cut for maximum quality effects. The paper should be atleast 300gsm. Avoid coloured or complicated embossed paper.

A business card that cannot fit a wallet or Business Card holder will be thrown away or not kept on the person who might need it. A generally accepted card is 8x5cm anything above 9x6cm is oversize!

At Design Village we will design your Business Card absolutely free! The catch, we have to print it. Ensuring you get the visibity you crave for at a price that just like the card will fit your pocket!

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