What is in a Name?

Everyone can start a company but it needs extra wits to make it a brand. The genesis of a brand starts from a name. Would an apple still be an apple even if it was called Tish? What’s in a name? You Might ask, Everything!!!

A good name especially with a history or meaning can create a story. A good story positions a brand. In Kenya, most entrepreneurs combine the names of partners, relatives, siblings, couples or a combination of the first letters in a descriptive name.

For instance, George, Kamau and Susan will name their company GEOKASU. While this might quickly solve the naming problem, never limit yourself especially when there is opportunity to do more. It is best to ensure you have a name that shows exactly what you do, what you stand for and also resonate with your ‘would be clients’. A name, whether for a company or product should be well researched and tested with a large consumer pool as possible that can provide feedback. While entrepreneurs might get away with bad company or business names, when it comes to products and services, leave nothing to chance. Here are a few pointers to naming products:

  • Reflect the industry/category.
  • It should be short.
  • Easy to pronounce, No tongue twisters.
  • Resonate with the consumers.
  • Should not be derogative in any local language.
  • Different from competitors.
  • Stand the test of time.

Well, if all else fails and you still cannot come up with a name, do what Kenyans do…..Combine! Combine! Combine!!! The other popular technique is just adding the prefix Ken. Here we have popular brands like Kentank, Kenpoly, Kenchick, Kenatco, Kengen and Kenblest just to name a few. When considering a name, think branding, think future.

Another pointer is, do not restrict yourself with geographical locations. There are many companies that suffer from the fact that the founders did not ponder growth beyond their locale. In the banking sector, we have Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) with presence in most East African countries and growing. In religious organizations, we have Nairobi Pentecostal Church (NPC) with branches in Nakuru, Thika and other parts of the country. In retail sector, we have Nakuru Mattresses (Nakumatt), Tusker Mattresses (Tuskys) and Eastleigh Mattresses (East Matt). I beg to ask, what is it with all these mattresses???

Let us help you come up with the right name.

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