Vehicle Branding

Turn Your Company Car Into a Moving Billboard!

Vehicle Branding is important in ensuring the brands colours are visible across the board on print and electronic media. A brand should captivate the end user and other potential consumers on all fronts. Vehicles are mobile units that can be used to great effect giving brand the maximum exposure they crave for as they hop from place to place.

Bus companies like Kenya Bus Service & Citihoppa offer brands mobile ads. Professional mobile ad companies also exist with large trucks with display ads, others even have digital screens.
There are lots to choose from, however it’s important for a company to start with its own vehicles. Companies with a large fleet reap the most as they go around their business they are still effortlessly selling the brand.

Utility company Kenya Power has for years been known by it’s branded vehicles. Other companies with well executed vehicle branding include Coca Cola, DHL, a personal favourite Wells Fargo security company, Commercial banks especially Barclays & KCB.

Advantages of Vehicle Branding

  • Maximum exposure over a longer period
  • Mobile, be seen in more places.
  • Fairly affordable
  • Builds the brand essence

At Design Village Agency Limited while branding our own vehicle we were faced with one challenge. Design. As an agency it is fairly easy creating brands for others while doing so for one self makes you scratch your head a little. This is our story…

  1. Step 1: The Concept
    We start by preliminary designs. Having several concepts with a visual of what the finished product will look like. What we like to call artwork placement. The placement should be done on the exact vehicle model the company has or intends to procure.
  2. Step 2: Elections
    Armed with several design impressions get views from peers, clients, oh well you might even throw in your spouse and kids! As you get opinions ask each of them to vote for their favourite and reasons why they are attracted to it. The design with most votes wins. Nevertheless since you are an incumbent you can rig the elections in your favour especially if it’s too close to call. If there are comments worth considerations implement them on the winning design. Who says you cant have your cake and eat it too!
  3. Step 3: Actualisation
    This depends on the selected design and the initial colour of the vehicle. White vehicles are the best for branding, they are like a blank canvas. The corporate colours have to be matched with car paints or mixed to get the right tone. To the Garage!! At the garage the car is stripped down to bare basics. The Windshield, Windows, Headlights, Rear lights etc. have to be covered.

After the spray is complete the branding begins with the graphics that was selected.
Alternatively if you do not like the whole paint thing we can do a full graphics wrap.
Full colour graphics on the entire vehicle. This will be cheaper and faster than paintworks.