Watch skill and experience come together

Jack Mwai

Founder / Art & Creative Director

He is a switched-on individual who walks around with a light bulb above his head. He is instrumental in creating strategies that work for your brand. Specializes in anything that is artsy. He has vast experience in various aspects of marketing and advertising industry spanning over a decade.

Esther Ngahu

Business Development Director

She has a knack for marketing and business development. She has vast experience in the corporate world and strives to develop good client-agency relations. She values customer service and satisfaction. A perfectionist who stops at nothing to get things done, and done right!

Sally Adeka

Sales Manager

An ever laughing individual who ensures clients are satisfied and their briefs and deadlines land and take off without collisions. She can’t resist good chicken!

Eve Yuya

Client Service

The noisemaker who ensures all briefs get done and clients always come back.

Rose Akinyi

Client Service

Our self-driven, soft-spoken agent who derives pleasure in making connections.

Maureen Birgen

Client Service

She makes sure her clients briefs are executed with finesse.

James Tonui

Client Service

He represents the client, makes sure their voices are heard and their demands are met.

Joseph Muchiri

Administrator / Traffic Manager

He makes sure the agency engine is turning and churning creative and quality work.

Faith Mkindo

Finance Manager

She is a certified accountant with vast knowledge of numbers. She determines the number of coffee mugs we can drink without breaking the bank.

Gitonga King’ori

Graphic Designer

He has mastery in coming up with concepts and ensuring they are done in the best media possible.  Conquering deadlines every time!

Pauline Keshie

Animator / Graphic Designer

She sees you as a caricature and her surrounding in 2D, innovative with a passion for art. Makes sure our clients look good online.

Kea Mwali

Graphic Designer

Our inhouse model / photographer even though his job description says designer! He has passion for everything artsy.

Steve Kombo

Production Manager

He is a highly skilled craftsman who handles and manages projects clients throw at us. He can also brand practically anything. Diligent and on point.

Victor Okoth

Print / Traffic Manager

He is a skilled and diligent individual specializing in executing creative concepts and ensuring they are up to industry benchmarks and to clients’ satisfaction.

Daniel Muoka

Fabrication Personnel

He is a highly skilled craftsman who can manipulate wood, metal, glass and any other material you throw at him. Having been in the industry for 18 years, he has seen and done it all.

Barnabas Odhiambo

Press Personnel

He speaks CMYK, an individual who takes care of all your print and output demands. Ensuring quality prevails.

Joyce Waithera

Culinary Manager

As they say the closest thing to our heart is the stomach. She makes sure the community thrives and everyone’s stomach is singing. Fuelling the idea cogs and keeping it running.


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