How To Grow Your Business During The Covid 19 Pandemic In Kenya

Covid 19 has brought much pain and uncertainty into the country with millions losing their jobs as enterprises down scale or shut doors completely.

However, it’s not all gloom and doom as new opportunities arise in times of crisis.

Go Online

It’s time to relook your business strategy, take your products and services online to serve the “new normal”. With most of your clients either retrenched, working from home or undergoing Covid-19 uncertainties. Streamline your business by replacing face-to-face, in-office or in-store contact and paperwork with online forms, chatting and video conferencing. Aggressively market these services and the new contact platforms.


If you do not have any products and services that can be useful during this pandemic or any other crisis, may be it’s time to look for one or reinvent an existing one to suit the new world. Market them aggressively while the redundant ones take a back seat.

Gain New Ground

As many companies are under distress, most of them have reduced or are no longer spending on advertising and marketing. Whilst cutting expenses is a brilliant self-preservation strategy, sometimes it’s the fastest way to kill your business. History provides crucial lessons on how and why some businesses survived global financial meltdowns whilst others thrived.

During a crisis there is money to be made and new grounds to conquer while others retreat. This is the perfect time to gain new ground while your competitors are so busy downsizing and cutting costs that their consumers are neglected. Stay focused and look at opportunities.

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