From bland to brand! The power of rebranding

Companies and brands at some point in their existence find themselves at a crossroad. A point where they have to pick a direction. This can be instigated by a number of factors:

  • A new shareholder; when company gets bought by a larger company it has to align with other subsidiaries to be part of the larger group.
  • New frontiers: when a company expands across regions they might need universal branding that can be carried through.
  • Change of Name: if a business turns from a sole proprietorship / partnership to a fully-fledged limited company a rebranding is necessary. At times it might be as subtle as adding a word.
  • New look? To shed baggage from the past. To reflect a new direction, keep in touch with the times. Some forms of branding expire and need to be refreshed.
  • Change of Customer base: If your business focus was petroleum and due to clientele you find yourself doing logistics or diversifying into other products. You need a makeover.

Rebranding Protocol

While rebranding is at times necessary it should be done with caution. The subtle it is the better so as not to alienate existing consumers and partners. It should maintain prominent elements of the old design, this is important for continuity. Strong brands rarely rebrand. The fewer times this is done the better, thus it should be well researched and the ultimate amendments should pass the test of time.

Rebranding is also a very expensive project especially for well-known brands with large distribution channels across various countries. The fact that rebranding involves Stationery, Marketing Materials (P.O.S), Uniforms, Offices, Distribution channels, Company Vehicles, Websites etc. It should not be rushed.