Digital Advertising for Startups in Kenya

You have decided to turn that dream you have into a business. As a startup, advertising can be a challenge with the big budgets that are employed by competitors. They have had time to have their brands engrained in the consumer’s minds. But with the age of digital marketing a lot is on offer for many new companies.

Kenya has made huge leaps in terms of Internet connectivity with the country being ranked position 23rd globally in terms of speed; this has in turn opened up multiple avenues for ecommerce. Smartphone use has risen with prices going down as competitors engage consumers with new products.

Facebook has over 5 million customers and still counting. With this in mind Design Village we have come up with tailor made solutions to ensure that your brand is visible to potential customers. Our digital marketing team will study your needs and your market and come up with solutions to keep you at the very top.

But what are some of benefits of social media marketing?
1. Cost Effective.
Using a moderate budget social media creates a level playing field with the big boys. The rules are different as the companies that go viral are those that are:- creative, employ attention grabbling content and have useful content. With Social media a company is able to show its personality and be entertaining at the same time. All this is done at a fraction of Cost compared to conventional marketing techniques. Using different Analytical tools one is able to measure ROI more effectively.

2. Customer Interaction
Social media provides a means through which a company directly engages with customers through feedbacks and comments. Complaints can be effectively handled through one on one response with customers. This helps in building relationships with customers. Companies are now shifting their customer care services to digital platforms as this ensures instant response to queries.

3. Customer Conversion
It provides a great means for customer conversion through the use CTA (Call to Action) responses. E-mail marketing can be deployed and customized ads can be sent to the customer once you have an e-mailing list.

4. Customizable Ads
With Social media Ads can be customized based on customer specific metrics like:- Location, Age, Gender, Income group and a host of preferences. This ensures that your ads reach a specific group hence reducing on costs.

5. Search Engine Rankings
Through proper, consistent and thorough SEO one is able to improve rankings on search engines using keywords that potential customers search. As more people visit and share your website your rankings improve which means more visibility.

6. Brand voice and Recognition
It’s noted that companies that engage with customers more in social media enjoy higher brand loyalty than those that don’t. Your brand is visible to a larger audience and one is able to attract a whole set of new customers, Plus building loyalty from existing ones.
So whatever your needs may be at Design Village, we will do a social media audit to find out which of the various media channels best suit your business. We will create content that best suits your clientele in an effort to boost sales and improve brand visibility.