Unga Wa Dola

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Unga Wa Dola is a brand of maize and wheat flour manufactured by Kitui Flour Mills. It is one of the best quality and affordable product in the market having flagship products of ugali and wheat flour. Atta, Self Raising and Chapati flour to follow in the family to ensure consumers get a wide range to choose from.

The Challenge

Competition is very stiff and there is need to be top of mind. Dola has been enjoying the market share mostly in the coastal region, with the new strategy there is need to have market share country wide.

An aggressive campaign on the product is required to ensure the brand is visible country wide in order to close the gap to competitors.

The Big Idea

  • Kitu Shwari


The easiest way to spread the Dola goodness to the masses is through encouraging them to try it.

The best way to encourage anyone to try anything is by letting the experts in the field do the talking. In our case, Swahili food is the epitome of great cooking. Therefore our idea is to affirm that everything you cook with Dola is delicious.


Marketing Touch points:

  • TVC
  • Billboards
  • Instore Activations
  • Packaging
  • Branding
  • Promotional Items

The Outcome

Brand being Top of Mind. Increased Sales and Gain Market Share.